Title: Mount Kinabalu Charity Climb 2012
Date: 25-Mar-2012

Mount Kinabalu Charity Climb 2012


We bring greetings to you from Shelter Home for Children. We are going to have a charity climb to Mount Kinabalu on the 25th - 28th of April and we are embarking on the prospects of seeking the help of your organization to sponsor a portion of the cost for our event. Our aim is to raise RM100,000 to provide Education for our Children.

We aim  to increase the Standard of Education among the abused and abandoned children of Shelter Home. Knowing where they come from, it takes a greater effort than normal to reach out and educate these children. We are seeking your help and the help of your corporation to join along with us in this crusade of helping out with these poor and neglected children.

So join us as we scale the heights of South East Asia's highest mountain!





For more information, call us up today!

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