Our Missions And Goals
  • To rescue and protect children from the trauma of physical and sexual abuse, extreme neglect, being abandoned and being a victim or witness of domestic violence.
  • To help the children overcome their initial trauma and restore self-acceptance, dignity and their trust in humanity by giving them unconditional love, care, and an education.
  • To unite the children with their families where possible.
  • To reinforce the above by regular follow-up so that they can become useful citizens.
Children At Risk

We primarily work among children and teenagers who are abused, abandoned, neglected or at risk. That's our FOCUS.

Childhood & Future

We strive to provide the quality and the enjoyment of life deserved by all children and to ensure a positive outlook for their future. That's our GOAL.


We provide protection by being involved in rescuing and sheltering children from risky and dangerous environments/situations.


We want to develop our children into well balanced, mature and positive members of society.


We hope to rehabilitate the children in our care from their past hurts and help them overcome the scars and trauma of the abuse and to ensure that their past experiences do not pose a burden and a threat to their future undertakings.

Loving Families & Strong Communities

We believe in acting proactively by developing social awareness programmes and community based projects and by being a credible voice advocating positive societal changes and better government policies. Working BEYOND HOMES.