Being A Volunteer

Thank you for wanting to join us in our quest to help children from adverse backgrounds. Your input is very significant. Some of you may not be able to commit long-term but you may be able to contribute in another way.

Being a volunteer is a life-changing, rewarding, memorable, meaningful and challenging experience! Do click on the "Volunteer's Testimonial" button to read testimonials of volunteers who have made a difference in the lives of our children. These may inspire you to do something within your capacity to help the children.

To be part of our volunteer team, download the form by clicking on the "Volunteer Form" button. After filling the form, please have it sent to our email at


One of the most important support that any organization needs in order to run all of its operation is non other than money. SHELTER currently holds an umbrella of various restorative work, ranging from the three Homes and community work

With each work that covers a substantial number of children with their needs, we constantly rely on the generous support from the public and the corporate sector to help meet those needs.

To be a part of this meaningful work that impacts many lives, you may choose either one of the options of donation.

In the past, many of you may have supported us by getting the GARDEN ACTIVITY BOOK and we want to say a big THANK YOU.  However, we regret to inform that we have run out of stock of the Garden Activity Book.

You may also "shop" for different goods or gifts to meet the needs of our children via this GIFT OF LOVE Catalogue. Fill in the things you want to bless our kids with.

If you would like to find our banking details and the various options in how you can donate to us, please click here.


Your gift fuels SHELTER’s work to help abused, abandoned, neglected or at-risk children. Join us with one time or recurring donation and receive news and updates from work you made possible

You may also "shop" for different goods or gifts to meet the needs of our children via this GIFT OF LOVE Catalogue.

Sponsor A Child

Make a difference by changing a child's life today!

Organizations or individual child sponsors may get more personally involved with SHELTER by sponsoring a child. A child sponsor will receive an annual update of the child sponsored.

You may find the FAQ on child sponsorship here.

Your sponsorship will go towards quality care that are listed below.

Please call +603-7955 0663 during office hours from 8.30am to 5.00pm, Mondays to Fridays (except weekends and Public Holidays) or TEXT us via  WhatsApp +6011-2611 0663 for more information.


Food & Living Expenses

Pocket money & other needs

Personal clothings & medical expenses

School fees, books, tuition etc.

Sponsor An Expense


Water bills

Electricity bills

Internet access

You can also opt to sponsor SHELTER's fixed operating expenses such as the above. Your sponsorship of expenses will go a long way in defraying our standard operating expenses and help us to channel more funds towards service and child care expenses.