Title: Please Like Shelter (PLS)
Date: 27-Oct-2012
Description: A Social Media project that aims to push shelter's like to 1 million

Play the video HERE!

The Message :

Help the under privileged children by liking Shelter.


Objectives :

1. To create a very efficient platform to disseminate information to a large demographic within a very short time and more importantly, with very minimal cost.

2. To raise awareness of the underprivileged children and the people that could help them on the internet (in particular Facebook)

This is the Brand positioning of this campaign :

Please Like Shelter is a campaign that shows Shelter Home for Children is a NGO that stands out from the rest. We are focusing on what is best for our children and even when it comes in improving our cost efficiency and strategic marketing on our fund raising event, we are following suit of what other corporations are doing: Making ourselves known on Facebook. Please Like Shelter also reflects our open-ness in attempting new methodologies and different strategies to keep innovating and to improve ourselves for the under privileged children.

Credits :

Director/Producer/Writer : Gary Heng
Co- Director/Cinematographer/Editor : Daryl Heng (http://www.darylhengthevideographer.com)
Graphic Designer : Ean Chan
Co -Writer/Narrator : Pinky khoo
Music composer : Edwin Toh/Gary Heng
BM Subtitle Translator : Farah Diana Yahya
Chinese Subtitle Translators : Grace lee/Alice lee/???/???
Make up artist : Ng Yee won (Only for abused girl at 1:08 -- 1:10)

Special appearances :

Kitty Chin, Principal of Taska Precious steps
Nagasayee Malathy , Executive Director of PS the Children
Jenn Chia http://www.fb.com/soimjenn
DJ Mike Zooka https://www.fb.com/MikeZooka
Ho Ming Han http://www.youtube.com/user/dmingthing
Charis Ow https://www.fb.com/charisowTV
Prakash Daniel https://www.fb.com/PrakashDanielPhoto...
Christian Palencia www.youtube.com/user/christianbpalencia
Vince Chong https://www.facebook.com/vince1979
Sandra Tock
Marianne Tan

Special Thanks to :

Terri Chai for the children's day cake http://terricakes.blogspot.com
Glam magazine for Thanuja Ananthan's Photo
Alexander blu for Music 9:35 -- 10:11 http://www.alexanderblu.com/index.htm

Interviewee :

Samuel Tan

Actors/Actress :

Teachers & Children of Taska Precious Steps
TTDIGC Sunday school children
Beniori Hong
Lim Teck kwong
Eugene Lim
Peh Cher Lyne
Neala Palencia
Haslinah's daughter
Carment Loo & Baby
Su Yin
Jchanet Tan
Kaylee Angel Quah
Derek Chai
Angeline Siew
Cheok Hoong Poh
Cheong Kook Yuu
Yu Lin
Manissa Sufian
Sri Cempaka GC
Bangsar CF
Kind citizens of Malaysia

People who helped behind the scenes :

For props :

Iain Tan
Anne Anthony Arokiasamy
Chew Jin Yin
Ooi Wen-Li

Support Talent Agents :

Soo Wern Jun
Jacqueline Yeong
Anna Chew
Kimberly Quah

For Location :

PS the children http://psthechildren.org.my
Taska Precious Steps http://www.taskaprecioussteps.com.my
Chew Jin Yin & Family
Yong Pok Wing & Family
Christian Palencia & Family
Cheong Kook Yuu & Family
Phoebe Lim & Family
Kafin & Family
Carmen Loo & Family
Tan Yu Chai & Family
Vince Chong
Jalan Barat Newspaper stall

People who helped in small ways that mattered :

Evelyn Tan
Ryan Tan
Gregory Caleb Quah
Andrew Gnoh
Daryl Lee
Tan Weng Hong
Allyna Goh
Chew Kuang Ern
Cheong Jo-Yi
Ivan Cheong
Law Yit Mun
Francine Tan
Vincent Ewe
Shobana Dharshini

For advocacy of this cause :

Jo Jo Stryus https://www.fb.com/jojostruys1
Josiah Ng https://www.fb.com/josiahcyclist
Tiban https://www.facebook.com/composertiban
Amber Chia https://www.fb.com/therealamberchia
Thanuja Ananthan https://www.fb.com/pages/Thanuja-Anan...
Julie Woon https://www.fb.com/pages/Julie-Woon/1...
Ryan Matjeraie https://www.fb.com/RyanMatjeraie
Angeline Ooi https://www.fb.com/onefmangeline
Michael Chen http://www.michaelcsm.com
Kimberley Leggett https://www.facebook.com/kimmyleggs
Chelsia Ng https://www.fb.com/Chelsia
Vince Chong https://www.fb.com/vince1979

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