Title: Calendar 2017: Child's rights
Date: 26-Aug-2016


The front cover of the Calendar - Painting out the colours of joy and words of peace, love and joy 


Our theme for the upcoming Calender 2017 is Child's rights. SHELTER has always played a part in protecting and we have gotten our children to “speak up” on their rights through the drawings in this calendar. Be our ambassadors as you spread the awareness of these universal rights of children through our calendars to friends and family. Let us all save and protect our children.


All of the paintings and artwork are done by our children - beautiful drawings they are!


You may write to us at office@shelterhome.org  or give us a call at 03-79550663 (Mon - Fri, 8am - 5.30pm) or at 017-3546033 (After 5pm on weekdays and on weekends) to order the calendars.

You can also come and collect the calendars from our HQ, you can find our address at the "Contact us" page (with google maps shown). If it is inconvenient for you to do that, we can have it arranged to be sent to you!


Our calendars have all the holidays, public and school holidays as well as the "Chinese dates"



We are also taking hotstamping orders as usual and the minimum order is 200 copies.

We are also open to have a page of your vouchers attached in the calendar. Please let us if know if you're interested! To us, with every calendar you purchase, you are giving us the much needed support to continue the work that we do for kids who never had the best things in life handed down to them. Support us generously and we'll continue to keep our promise in committing the best work we can give to the kids who are under our care. 



We are still keeping the price at Rm10/copy. For hotstamping, if you are not our repeated customer, you will need to pay just a one time Rm80 fee for the "chop" to be made.

To order, simply download the order form at our webpage : 

1. Email us at office@shelterhome.org and we will send you the form
2. Right click the image above and click "Save Image as" and you will have the form
3. To place the order, just fill in the form and have it sent to "office@shelterhome.org".
Please help us share out this post to your friends, colleagues, bosses and family!


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