Title: the Gift of Love Catalogue
Date: 25-Mar-2016



Every now and then, we get people asking us, “What sort of things do your children need?” We can understand why kind donors are asking this sincere question as they are not involved in this work to know our children needs. One would easily think of food, but that’s just one of the many different needs of our children.

This is one of the reasons why we came up with the “Gift of Love” catalogue. This catalogue was made to provide a comprehensive and good overview of the different kinds of needs of our children. After one has browsed through the catalogue, you can list down your “blessings” at the centre page, fill in your credit card details and we will process the rest! (You may put the donation reply slip on this page too.)

This catalogue can also be a good way of helping to get word round about us and explaining the different kind of needs that your friends and family members can help bless the children with. There is also a PDF file of this catalogue on our webpage! You may find it hereFill in the things you want to bless our kids with and email it back to us with the pdf file at "office@shelterhome.org".

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