Title: Garden Activity Book
Date: 02-Nov-2015

The Garden Activity Book!


With the help of Volunteer Helen Kam and talented freelancer artists, ELLEphant Art and Goodputty, along with Akitara (who printed the books), they have put together a wonderful Garden Activity Book as a means to raise funds for our children's education. With more than half a year of planning, they have worked through the sort of activities and design that is best suited for children of aged 3 to 5 years old. For a very reasonable fundraising price of RM10/copy, this sum of money is not merely for the value of the book but more importantly, a form of donation to keep giving quality education to SHELTER's children.

This can make out to be a fun way of learning garden items with basic arithmetic for your kids at home. You can also use this book as part of a syllabus for a pre-school that you manage. This book can also be a great gift for parents who have children of aged 3 to 5 (Birthdays, Christmas or simply a gift!). Please have a look at the following pictures for a good idea on what this wonderful book contains!


The front page contains information about us and their dedication of effort to support us!


Various activities for the kids - Colouring, reading and joining the dots


More fun activities!


The back cover of the book


Like what you see? Come and support us by getting a few copies now! :)

Please write to us at office@shelterhome.org to let us know how many copies (Rm10/per copy) you would like and where you would want it sent to.

Tax exemption receipts may be given with total donation of RM 50 and above on these books.

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