Title: What we do in Shelter to ensure safety
Date: 05-Apr-2013

 Safety Measures/Procedures for our Children in Shelter Home

1. All the gates of our Home are closed and locked at all times, despite frequent entry by staff, visitors and donors.

2. Computers are placed in public areas, where it is easy to monitor the children’s activities. We also have staff monitoring the children at all times and also random occasional surveillance as well.

3. Our vans are always in good working condition, well serviced, so as to ensure that the safety of our children is always given top priority.


4. Staff are trained to handle children with care and love and not to be abusive, especially when the children misbehave, fight or do things to hurt one another. Utensils eg knives and instruments are kept carefully concealed or locked away.


5. Emergency exits are easily accessible.


6.  Medical aids are readily available.


7. Equipment such as fire-extinguishers is easily available.



Children (:)

1. Children who have been exposed to traumatic/psychological experiences and require help and assessment will be attended to by our in-house counsellors/psychologists.

2. Children who have been bullied in school will be assessed and helped and if necessary, we will intervene and bring it up with the school authorities.

3. Staff are trained to handle children, especially the younger ones, e.g. to stay close to the staff, to hold their hands especially when walking outside of the Home.

4. The children’s diet is ensured, as we follow a healthy balanced diet for them. We encourage healthy food and limit the intake of junk food.

 External Issues (:)

1. Before volunteers are admitted in, they have to fill up a Form and are interviewed before we allow them to come in contact with our children.  These are some of the guidelines under our CPP (Child Protection Policy) which all visitors and volunteers will have to abide with.

2. Staff are sent for seminars or training so that they are better equipped to deal with the children.

3. The children’s identity/faces are always protected especially when posted in the media, in publications or on other social media portals e.g. Facebook.

4. Any programme/event planned for the children by companies or organizations will be carefully scrutinised by the Management as to whether they will benefit the children and also if safety is an issue.

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