Title: NGO on Social media?
Date: 28-Aug-2013

Many companies and corporate bodies have placed their means of communication and brand promotion on the Social media. They already had the capacity to spend millions on advertising before Social media came about. Now, with the Social media, they can advertise by spending less but by reaching out to more people.

What about NGOs like us? We are constantly fighting for attention to communicate with our donors and potential donors on the media. Now that Social media is here, it is the perfect solution to our predicament. But we are only one step away. Since Social media is mainly about the people, we need people to help push our ‘fan page’ to reach a substantial amount of ‘likes’.

We have produced a video that has a full elaboration on how a strong fan page can go a long way for us. You can find it at YouTube.com with the search of “PLS shelter”. So do start by first ‘liking’ our ‘fan page’ at Facebook. Simply key in “Shelterhomemy” in the search bar and you’ll find us. Next, please help us by ‘sharing’ our ‘fan page’!  

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