Shelter After School
Shelter After School aims to provide a safe space for children living in under served compact housing communities to have purposeful activities under proper supervision. It is also to shield them from potential negative influences. The safe space is an avenue for them to keep up with their studies with the help of volunteers.

Hence, birth the idea of Shelter After School

A centre where the parents, especially single parents, can send their children to while they work or seek employment, knowing that their children are in a safe place outside of school hours.

The centre aims to provide a safe space that encompasses physical and online interactions where children and teens are able to engage meaningfully and productively while being guided on their formal and informal education.

The rate of poverty and unemployment remains high, even among the urban under served families. Many families struggle to provide basic needs and do not have extended families to provide support for them. They cannot afford to have appropriate adult supervision for their children outside school hours.

As such, children are left on their own outside of school hours and are vulnerable to negative influences from gangsterism, drugs and social media. These factors increase the risk of school dropout.

Having a centre provides adequate adult supervision and a supportive environment to counteract the negative influences among the children, teens and youths, reducing the risk of school dropouts.

Our Target

The centre targets school-going children, teens and youths ages 7 to 18, and opens daily from Mondays to Fridays 9am to 5pm, except public holidays.

Students from the morning session will go to the Centre after school hours while students from the afternoon session will do the same before going to school.

With the support of the Rukun Tetangga, the Centre is currently housed in the Community Hall of Block G & H, PPR Taman Putra Damai, Lembah Subang, Petaling Jaya. 

Our Approach
Well-balanced and Nutritious Meal
Having a well-balanced and nutritious meal is indeed important! Students will be provided with one meal each day, either before going to school or lunch after school ends.
Educational & Psychosocial Activities
Engaging children, teens, and youth in vital educational and psychosocial activities is our focus. Through alternative learning, physical activities, games, and fun, we aim to boost personal and social skills.
Parents Engagement Activities
Parents and children will join in activities to strengthen bonds and spark conversation. Activities include financial literacy, nutrition, online safety, cybersecurity, developing a green mindset and raising environmental awareness.
How can you help?
Shelter After School seeks volunteers and passionate changemakers to join our activities. From helping with homework to participating in literacy programs or providing academic support, there's a role for everyone!
To support us financially, donations can be made to "SHELTER HOME FOR CHILDREN" 7941 4513 1406

Kindly indicate "SAS" and send the bank-in receipts to or 011-26110663
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