Title: Gregory, our sponsor shares..
Date: 03-Apr-2018

Gregory Ho, one of our sponsors in our ‘Sponsor a Child’ programme, is currently with a research institute that carries out research on the pressing issues of the nation. They then recommend policies to improve the well-being of Malaysians based on that research. However in this article, Gregory does not represent the institute and the views expressed are solely his personal opinion.

I decided to sponsor a child with Shelter because I am certain that my contribution will result in improving the welfare of these children. This is evidenced by the fact that a number of them grow up and enter universities, which I feel is rarely observed in other places. I see regular updates on SHELTER’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/shelterhomemy) on how these children develop over time and how caretakers are properly equipped in dealing with these children’s emotional and psychological needs as a result of their abused, neglected or abandoned backgrounds.

We often hear discussions on addressing the issue of equality of opportunity and if we wonder how some children have the opportunity to be admitted into universities overseas. This is because they are endowed with certain privileges that are not accessible to others. I can see that SHELTER is aiming to close that gap and I observed that is done by both in the way they set up their Homes and in their commitment to bring up these children in a wholesome manner.

The Homes the children are living in are very well equipped and wholesome. You can visit them and see for yourself. However people should not be confused and think that SHELTER has “too much money” as a result of that. I think we have to move away from the way of thinking that Social Services should just focus on physiological needs, and instead consider how these children ought to be given care and love that comes with being raised in a good family which require such a setup in the homes.

Certainly, it is difficult to find good welfare workers to take care of these children. Hence, in this ‘Sponsor a Child’ programme, it is my hope that my hard earned money can also help take care of the caregivers who are doing good work. 

I encourage those who do not know about SHELTER’s ‘Sponsor a Child’ programme, to do a search on it on SHELTER’s website and get in contact with them to learn more about it. You can take your time to really look into how SHELTER cares for the children and use that, as a basis to think how you’d like your money to be utilized. I’m convinced that SHELTER knows what they are doing.


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