Title: MKCC 2018
Date: 12-Feb-2018






Last year's batch for the climb was amazing just as with the batches in the previous years before. It's time to have another breathe taking experience with another batch this year around! We have had challenges intially when we were working out the costing for the climb (while maintaining this luxurious package in comparison with most packages as they are designed with only just 2D1N or 3D2N) as there was a huge spike in the price! Thankfully we found ways to bypass and workthrough certain costing and we manage to keep the cost to increase only slightly more compared to last year's.

Having two nights at Laban Rata (the rest house before you reach the summit) is indeed really difficult to book but we manage to lock it down again this year. We would like to start our usual weekly training soon to prepare for this climb (Saturday mornings) so start registrating with us as soon as you can for places are limited!. Come, join us on this meaningful charity climb as you raise funds for our children's education.

We warmly welcome any corporate groups who would like to represent their company to raise funds for our children through this charity climb. We are open to have the arrangement for tarpaulin banner to be brought up and have photos taken to show what a team your company represents in terms of determination and the willingness of scaling the heights just for underprivileged children.  

For more info, please email us at "office@shelterhome.org", or call our HQ number is at 03-79550663. (weekdays 8.30am - 5pm)     

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