Title: Why sponsor a child?
Date: 16-Jan-2018

Why Sponsor a Child?

There are at least over $3 billion given from the westerners to more than 9 million poor children through “Sponsor a child” programme that are done by various international NGOs (Buchanan, 2013). There are of course concerns if all this money actually impact the life of children that these people aim to help. For the first time, a published study was done to address it. Wydick, Glewwe and Rutledge (2013) went to track the “Sponsor a child” programme that are targeted at poor children from Kenya, India, Philippines, Bolivia, Guatemala and Uganda. They found that children who are sponsored had indeed a higher probability of finishing secondary school, university education and resulting in a white-collar job. Whilst there is a study to address the issue that is highlighted earlier, another challenge behind this “Sponsor a child” programme is the lack of personal relationship between sponsor and child and the challenges involved in building one (Buchanan 2011 & Blair 2014).

However their work was shown to have made its impact to specific communities of children and we applaud the great work by these organizations. As for us, we can assure you that our “Sponsor a child” programme not only works but also builds on the advantage for donors who would want a personal relationship built with the child. Moreover, as we deal with abused children, we have hired case workers to be in each home along with various psychological programmes to help them with their healing as highlighted in our newsletters last year. We have more plans in our pipeline and as you can tell by now, we are an NGO that keeps improving ourselves to do more for our children. In other words, your sponsoring of a child here has far more value than just covering of the basic needs of these children!

As we return to the question of “why sponsor a child?” We believe the answer to that question is that it is in your interest to leave your legacy in the lives of these children and to make your impact count.

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