Title: Calendar 2018 - Let me tell you our stories
Date: 02-Nov-2017


The very beautiful illustration of our children's story by an amazing volunteer! 


Our theme for the Calendar of 2018 is "Let me tell you our stories" which features first person narrative of our children stories. Stories that are either inspiring, touching, powerful or even evoking a sense of strong compassion from our souls. We asked a volunteer to help tell these stories through our calendar so that we can share them to the donors and public.The volunteer then captures the essence of each story beautifully by portraying them in myriad of colours, items and symbols in illustrations. Let us invite our friends, families and just anyone in sharing these stories while raising the funds by getting these calendars. Every month, a child from our home will greet you with their story, will you care to listen?    


Order form to get these amazing calendars! 

You may write to us at office@shelterhome.org  or give us a call at 03-79550663 (Mon - Fri, 8am - 5.30pm) or write to us at our Facebook fanpage "Shelterhomemy" (PM us) to order the calendars.

You can also come and collect the calendars from our HQ, you can find our address at the "Contact us" page (with google maps shown). If it is inconvenient for you to do that, we can have it arranged to be sent to you!

We are also taking hotstamping orders as usual and the minimum order is 100 copies. This time around, we will bear the hotstamping costs for your company/organization! Our calendars are only RM15.00/copy.

To order,

1. Simply click here to download the form. After filling in the details, please have the form emailed to us at "office@shelterhome.org". 

2. Or you can just email/call/PM@FB us with how many copies you would want and we can liaise further on how we can arrange for you to receive the calendars.

Please help us share out this post to your friends, colleagues, bosses and family!

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