Title: The Case Worker at Shelter 2 - Grace
Date: 24-Jul-2017


Grace Chow, our case worker at Shelter 2


Grace Chow has joined us as our case worker at Shelter 2. She’s a Psychology graduate from HELP University who has a big heart to care for both children and the youth. To us, that is a really important characteristic as that would enable her to connect with the girls on a deeper, emotional level. As a case worker, her psychology knowledge is required apart from having a big heart. For one, there are people who have a good heart with good intentions but because they lack certain knowledge and perspectives, more damage can be done to a person in their approach or words used. Our youth are a group who has a lot of sensitivities and past trauma to deal with.  This is why we want someone who majors in Psychology to journey alongside with them.

In the first few weeks, Grace already loves her time spent with the girls there! She was quick to start having sleepovers with the girls, just spending quality time knowing and connecting with them. In fact, Grace was willing to work at odd hours and to adjust her life around it, just so that all her working hours are spent with the girls. A typical office job would span between 9am – 5pm. But as for Grace, she starts after lunch and goes back after dinner because the girls are in school in the morning. The girls seeing her heart for them have also started to open up to her.

Grace’s position however, is more of being an “older sister” to the girls than a counsellor. She is in a unique but essential position to connect the bridge between the girls, caregivers and the home manager. She looks at each girl as a unique case to work with, with their personal struggles and aspirations. She will then follow up by designing certain strategies and plans of intervention for each case. Our caregivers on the other hand, have many areas to look into as they help to cook, clean and ensure that the girls follow through their time schedule so they tend to look at the girls as a group. Both levels of care are just as important and that’s why we are glad that Grace deals with them as individuals. To the girls, having a safe outlet to share their inner struggles and know that they will be helped will tremendously improve their mental health and self-esteem.

As for now, we are currently looking for a play therapist or a child counsellor for Shelter 1. If you know anyone who might be interested, please do let us know! 

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