Title: Mount Kinabalu Charity Climb 2017 (28 July - 1 Aug)
Date: 05-Mar-2017

The excitement of the NEW route of Mount KK is grabbing a lot of people's attention. Our last year's hikers were so amazed with both the experience of hiking and the friendships formed that a number of them asked us when is our climb going to be this year so that they can quickly book places with us! But not to worry, because of the amazing response, we are opening a few more places compared to last year. Last year was for 20 pax, this year we are increasing to 25! 

Registration is now open so quickly get your place as soon as possible! 

1. We are only opening our spots to the first 25 climbers

2. We provide training on weekends. Yes, we will facilitate a week to week training from beginner's level up until advance level so that by the time you hike Mount KK, it will be an enjoyable hike. A lot of people do some hiking exercise only a week or two before the hike and they end up going through a very torturous journey up the mountain instead of taking the time to enjoy the nature surrounding them. It would be a waste to hike Mount KK if the only objective is just to reach the destination when the journey matters more. Oh, this is also the time you can ask all the questions you want about Mount KK as well as our organization too!

3. Raise the money for our children's education. On top of the amazing experience of hiking Mount KK, you are now hiking with a meaningful purpose also. We need your help to raise as much money possible for our kids! Every climber needs to help raise a donation of at least RM2500 each. Please note however that we do not cover your hiking expenses (Cost per pax is at Rm2900, please see posters below for what is involved in the package), we also need your help to cover the cost so that we can fully benefit from the donation that you would raise for our kids.

All other information can be found in the posters below. If you still can't find an answer to what you have in mind in the posters below, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing us at "office@shelterhome.org" or call us 03-79550663

Register with us now! You may download the registration form here and send the form to "office@shelterhome.org".


You may download the registration form here and send the form to "office@shelterhome.org".




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