Title: Shelter Community School 5 (SCS5)
Date: 18-Nov-2016


Pastor Daniel, the person who is in charge SCS5


It was good news that we had fewer refugee children in our Shelter Community School 5 (SCS5). Thankfully, it was not because they had been taken to detention camps, but because they had been successfully resettled or had returned to their own homeland which is now peaceful enough for them to live in. With the smaller number of children it was deemed wiser to merge with a nearby existing refugee school rather than continue renting the place that we had initially used. That school is run and supported by a Korean church that has graciously set up a really wonderful Centre. Pastor Daniel is now currently in charge of this school. SCS 5 now has a total of 80 students after the merger.

We are presently facing a shortage of teachers. Two of the Myanmar teachers cannot commit to the teaching schedule as they have to care for their own babies. SCS5 is currently looking for volunteers who are willing to teach the children. An honorarium can be arranged for those who apply. SCS5 currently teaches English, Mathematics, Science and the Myanmar language and school hours are from 10am – 3pm.


Myanmar students eager to learn!



SHELTER now provides food aid and lunch to these refugee students. Before the merger, the students ate at home after the morning session and then returned for the afternoon session. Pastor Daniel was saddened to learn that when the students returned for the afternoon session they were still hungry as they had almost nothing to eat at home. Even though he had pooled some money to feed them, it wasn’t enough. Thankfully, now, these students get a good hearty meal daily as SHELTER has been donating bags of rice, Milo, biscuits and noodles. In one month, 80 students consume 20 packets of 10kg rice and 20 packets of 2kg Milo!

Beautiful wall murals done by Korean volunteers for the refugee kids!



If any of you are interested to donate such food items, you may contact Michelle at “office@shelterhome.org” or call us at 03-79550663.


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