Title: Editor's note, vol 3 2016
Date: 23-Jun-2016

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ? Maya Angelou. That is the kind of sentiment that we want to highlight in the articles in this issue. When all of us look back at our lives as children or youth, the memories that we remember most are not the achievements themselves but how we achieved the achievements way back then. There are stories of youth who got almost a perfect score for their exams but still made the drastic move to take their own lives. Why? Because the person they did it for made them feel that their achievements were not “perfect” enough and therefore amounted to nothing.

Each of the children who come into our Homes, comes with a background short of healthy and happy experiences. As they are now entrusted into our hands, we choose to provide or intervene in any way that would help them grow up to look back and say “We were given so much happy memories in our past, let me now create some for others too.”

In this volume, we share the sense of excitement our kids from Shelter 1 had as they watch their creation come to “life”, : the joy of Rita* a girl from Shelter 2 who won a dancing competition and Muthu*, who was previously from Shelter 3, discover his new found confidence in his electrical engineering course. We also continue to share on the updates we have for our community work corner.

We will be highlighting our Mount Kinabalu Charity Climb (MKCC) where we are raising funds for our work once again. Do register with us soon as there are only limited places for this climb.

Cheers & happy reading.

*Name has been changed for identity protection purposes


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