Title: Editor's note, vol 1 2016
Date: 01-Feb-2016

For the year of 2016, we want to bring up the side activities that we invest in the children under our care. The idea behind these activities is to help us learn what their proclivities might be so that we are better able to guide and nurture them.

In the attempt of catching up with the paradigm shift in careers, we will go through the year by sharing the kind of activities that we plan to explore with our children and along the way, we hope that you, as the reader, will come forward and volunteer to part your skills to our children as well. In this volume, we are taking a look at the newly built workshop at Shelter 3.

In this volume, we also want to share the joy where one of our refugee schools, Shelter Community School 1 (SCS1) bagged an award for “Outstanding Primary Learning Centre” which bested 125 other centres in the nation. This was a real joy for all of us!

The community work continues to share the aid that we are giving out to the families that we have been supporting and in this volume the focus is on the Sri Lankan families at Sentul Park. There are a number of needs to be met, please have a read and let us know where you can help them.

May we begin the year of 2016 with a bigger heart for the underprivileged children. Cheers and Happy reading…

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