Title: Editor's note, vol 4 2015
Date: 20-Nov-2015

This year, after introducing 3 ex-residents in the past three volumes, we now want to focus a little more on our current youth who are in the midst of their tertiary education. However, this will surely not be the last few stories that we will share; we want to share more of these stories so that we may know the fruits of our labour that we have invested of the past 34 years together.

In our newly revamped web page, Shelter Stories; which previously contained some of the difficult backgrounds that our children faced, will now be filled with more and more success stories in the years to come.

We have also been actively looking for more volunteers to cope with our new intake, to help with their studies as well as other co-curricular activities like football, dancing music.  We want to continually do our best to provide our children in a holistic sense.  It is with this kind of environment that even those with the most challenging backgrounds have a great opportunity to thrive and be another success story that we will share in future.

Our needs on the type of volunteer that we need can now also be found on our newly revamped webpage as it is up to date. Click here to find out the volunteers that we need currently.

As our Community work continues, we are also looking for volunteers who are interested to help us in the work as we are actively seeking to expand this work to help more families in different ways.

Cheers and happy reading..

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