Title: History IS Alive (Past Event)
Date: 10-Nov-2015


On the 1st of July, the school hall was packed and overflowing for two Shows - morning and afternoon. Students, teachers, parents, guests were transported back to ancient days...

Here is "Our Journey" on the Journey back to Ancient Civilization...

After unprecedented obstacles - students resettled, stopped school to work - many were left discouraged. Hence, many were abent for practice during school holidays leaving some teachers fuming.. SCRAP THE PROJECT! was our decision.

When school reopened in mid June, a pep talk was given and the teacher threw the project back to the students. Their choice is to take ownership of the project or they shall scrap HISTORY ALIVE!

With a resounding "YES", the students set out in full force, determined to get the Show going on 1st July in conjunction with our School's 5th Anniversary. A celebration of the Faithfulness of God.

G5/JH had to revamp their script numerous times to cater to the diminishing number of actors. G4's Greek Choral Speakers was down from 5 to 2! In desperation, the students resorted to "Actors for Hire!" They barter-traded actors! While some rose to play double roles, a few quieter ones discovered new talents in acting! Right till two days before the Show, 2 main supporting actors stopped school because of disciplinary actions taken by their parents.

By then, NOTHING could deter their spirit of ...ENDURANCE, PERSEVERANCE, STICK-ABILITY, TEAMWORK, OWNERSHIP, RESPONSIBILITY...it was HEARTWARMING seeing them fulfilling the old adage "Necessity is the Mother of Invention." RESULT: Our students grew in greater CONFIDENCE.

All the audience were in awe at the performances and the exhibits! (What can come forth of a refugee school? With God, we can do the impossible. As Asiya quoted "We don't have the best of everything, we just make the best use of everything we have.")  Kheng felt they should have staged this in an auditorium. Nguk  agreed and think they should sell tickets to raise funds for their students' welfare/scholarship - for deserving students who are capable of higher education.


With the following in place, for once in 5 years, the person in charge could sit back and enjoy... The "in-house engineer" , Zalaan, steadily screened the slideshows, took charge of all the technical matters, including sound and visual production for G5/JH play. Isaac, Salman and Grace shared from thankful hearts - being able to feel at home and given the opportunity to study at our school. Not forgetting a video-ed testimony from ex-student, Mary who is in Houston.

Teacher Rebecca shared of the fun and difficult times and her desire to continue to learn to be better equipped so that she could make a bigger impact in the lives of her students. She earned the title "Strictly Funn Teacher".

Ling shared of her struggles to make a commitment to join the team after the retirement...of how God cleared every obstacle in her way and led her step by step. Here she is with no regrets and finds fulfillment in her journey with her students.

Our head teacher Anna has the opportunity to testify of God's immense goodness to her, before she returns to Myanmar end of this year.

Now to the respective Era...

Early American Indians and Pilgrims SIte - Grade 2

Our Pilgrims on Mayflower sailing from Plymouth England to North America in 1620. Large part of the material needed for our Exhibit was recycled!



Ancient Egypt Site - Grade 3


Ancient Greece Site - Grade 4


Ancient Roman Site - Grade 5



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