Title: Editor's note, vol 3 2015
Date: 26-Sep-2015

Year 2015 appears to be a challenging year, not only for Shelter but also for the overall market and conditions existing in the country today.

As an NGO, we are definitely not spared but we have persevered and worked very hard through the difficult economic situations in the past before, and survived.  However, it was not only because of our strength that we stood through those times, but it is really because of the  unwavering support that we still received from friends and supporters alike.  It is with great determination, effort and courage that we will strive to work even harder to fulfill our calling in our work and to make sure that all our children continue to receive the best in terms of everything needed.

Hence we are stepping up with our efforts to promote even more aggressively some of our fund-raising events and activities for example our year-end Children’s calendars which is currently in the pipe-line pending final artwork and eventual printing. Please do have a look at our attached order form and feel free to include a support by ordering some.

Angel, an ex-resident of Shelter, who is now a young entrepreneur, is the main featured article in this newsletter (You can read it here). She shares about how SHELTER and its’ volunteers have played a pivotal role in different ways in transforming her life to who she is today. Likewise, we are also pleased to share Brandon*, another of our own “homegrown” resident, who just recently graduated with a diploma in Culinary Arts from Flamingo School of Culinary Arts.  Brandon has just started work in a well-known food-chain restaurant in Kuala Lumpur and his story is inside for your reading. (You can read it here)

Cheers and happy reading..



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