Title: The A1 Team Malaysia Outreach Programme at SHELTER 2
Date: 15-Nov-2008

On Saturday, 15 November 2008, the A1 Team Malaysia arrived at SHELTER 2 to paint the interior and exterior of the Home. In addition, the team planned to refurbish the storeroom into a laundry.

The mechanical, engineering, administrative and marketing personnel from A1 Team Malaysia gather at SHELTER 2 and Mr. Owen Leed, the Commercial Director of the A1 Team Malaysia briefed them on the jobs that needed to be done at the home. Later he divided them into teams and assigned them to their respective stations.

Our girls too joined them in painting of the Home. The girls got on well with the A1 Team and enjoyed themselves. It was a joy to see how they mingled and interacted with the team. It was like a family activity because the A1 Team treated the girls with love and understanding. They advised the girls as they would a family member.

The Malaysia A1 Team drivers, Fairuz Fauzy and Aaron Lim made a special appearance to meet the girls of SHELTER 2. They also joined in the painting of the house.

The following day, the team returned to the home with another group of volunteers to complete the project. The team took the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of one of the team members, Darren Bandy. Our girls presented him with two cakes. Darren was moved to tears when he saw the girls bringing the cake singing “Happy birthday”. The team also got to taste Veroniac’s ‘vadais’.

The painting and refurbishing works were completed late Sunday afternoon and it was wrapped up with a group photo of the team members, volunteers, the girls and staff of SHELTER 2.

The A1 Team was happy and pleased that they had undertaken this project at SHELTER 2.

We at the Home were pleased and extremely satisfied with the outcome that followed the huge effort that the A1 Team Malaysia and volunteers had put in to fix the Home.

The girls learned some things that they had been struggling with namely commitment, teamwork and attitude. Now the girls have learned to set higher standard and goals.

On 21 November 2008, SHELTER 2 girls and staff had the opportunity to visit the A1 Team Malaysia at their pit stop at Sepang Circuit. We had a closer look at how they worked as a team on their car. We were given tickets to the A1 Team Malaysia motor racing on 23 November 2008. After the race, we went down to the pit stop to say, “Thank you” and “Good bye” to the A1 Team Malaysia    

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