Title: The PAL programme
Date: 13-Jul-2014

Most of the children after 18, who are about to be graduated from our Homes after, do not know exactly how to embrace the life that comes after they leave the homes.  Our own children who will still stay comfortably with us in our own home as they go for their tertiary education or when they get a job, will still have a roof over their heads, but more importantly, they will still get emotional support from their own family. As for the children in our homes, their future may not be as stable as they envision it to be if life goes south.

Ideally, we hope that our staff will be the people who will prepare them but the reality is that they are generally stretched with other chores and as such, we do not have staff that can give each child the full attention and preparation they need.

This is where the PAL programme comes in.

PAL which stands for “Preparing for Adult Living” is a programme that is set up by a Professor Diana (who lectures in University Malaya) that aims to prepare our children to transit smoothly into the adult life. Her apprentices who are post graduate students from various disciplines (mainly social science) are going to come in to be a friend to each of our teenagers at SHELTER 2 and 3 and the whole programme will be supervised by Diana and staff from our side.

They have started not too long ago and the first step will be to build the friendship and bond between the apprentices and our children.  We are looking forward to the success of this programme once it takes off! 

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