Title: Safety tips for children (safety)
Date: 25-Mar-2013

1. Teach children not to approach a stranger or an unknown vehicle, unless they know the owner of the vehicle or are accompanied by their parents, guardian or trusted adults.

2. Educate them on how to shout for help, to make a commotion or make every effort to escape when their personal safety is threatened.


3. Teach children to get permission first before going out and also to let the parents or guardian know who they are going with and where they are going.


4. Teach children how to get help when they are in public places, i.e. go to the  police station, hospital etc and also how to identify people they can approach during emergencies such as when they are lost.


5. Help children to recognize and avoid potential risks e.g. suspicious characters, drug addicts, so that they can avoid the danger of falling prey to these people.


6. Teach children to keep the doors locked especially when they are alone at home and not to open the door to anyone they do not know.


7. Encourage children to monitor their time spent on online sites such as Facebook, YouTube, etc the websites visited and rules for Internet usage.


8. Advise children to use ‘privacy settings’ on social networking sites to limit contact with unknown users.

9. Encourage children to tell/inform an adult if they encounter anything that makes them feel sad, scared, confused or emotionally unhealthy.


10. Remind children to always stay together in a group with friends whenever they go for a walk or an outing.

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