Title: Our in house psychologist - Shealin
Date: 05-May-2011

Lee Shealin, Degree in Psychology. University of Gloucestershire (UK)


“Hope is that thing inside us that insists….. that something better awaits us if we have the courage to reach for it” Barrack Obama (2008)

How can one live each day with hope, gratitude and joy – even in the face of tragedy? How can one have hope when tested by troubles, sorrows, loss, family crisis, being neglected, abandoned and abused?

Is one inspired by these untold miseries and take up the challenges and to hope? Or does one give up on hope?

Here in SHELTER, in our midst a young lady rescues the children in hopeless situations, the unsuccessful, the miserable and abandoned and gives them hope. She is Lee Shealin - a graduate of Bachelor of Science (Psychology) from University of Gloucestershire (UK). She has been with SHELTER since last year, 2010 and has turned many a situation into memories. She is passionate about children, particularly children at risk; wants to make a difference in their lives. Her vision is to see all the children have a better future and hope. She is currently involved in admissions, direct intervention through conflict resolution and other appropriate approaches for children experiencing difficulty in home in terms of behavioural problems and other issues. 

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