Title: Jumble Sale 2015
Date: 26-Apr-2015

Among our fundraising initiatives, our Jumble Sale is an initiative that goes beyond the fundraising aspect and to have a good time of fun and connecting with different individuals to what we do and how they can further contribute to raising our children up.

This year’s Jumble sale was indeed a different one. A great bunch of UM students came to give their time, effort and talent to our Jumble Sale. They helped to carry boxes of goods and products, setup the booth and stalls, man some of the stalls and even performed during the sales!

The TNT bunch was also being really supportive. They have been by far, one of the most supportive companies that have been working with our children for almost two years now and they have also extended their support to our Jumble sales. We really applaud their CSR department who really understands that social work is most effective when it’s done long term.

Our staff and children also got the opportunity to get together as one organization to bond and to have time of fellowship, enriching each other lives over the two days event. We want to take this opportunity to also thank many groups and individuals who have also contributed to this event in one way or another! 

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