The Voice Audition

16 October 2015

The sound engineer recording the voice of our youngest child in Maveriq Studio

Marveriq Studio, the studio behind the production of advertisements (one famous advertisement you might have seen in the cinema, “KFC Cinema Duck You”) for huge corporations like Petronas, Canon, 100 plus among others, sent an invitation down the road (to the kids at Shelter 1 to have a voice audition for an advertisement (their studio is literally down the road from SHELTER 1).

They were open to have their audition for two of our teenage girls to be part of it, a total of 10 of them were selected from us to be sent for the audition.

The script was given a week in advance for eight of the kids for them to be familiar with it as not all of them are they good with reading yet (we are still working hard to get them there!).

When the day of the auditions finally arrived, we could see that some of the children were really excited. Entering into a professional studio is after all not a common experience for most people, what more for our children from difficult backgrounds!

Each of them took turns in entering into the deafening silent room. Wearing a premium headphone and speaking into a rather uncommon looking microphone with a filter at the front; they attempted their best endeavors in putting the tone and “life” in their rendition of the song for the audition.

Sadly, none of them were selected. Nonetheless, it was already a gain for the kids and for us. It was a gain for the kids because they were exposed to a professional studio, and they experienced what it’s like to go through a recording session. For us, it is a gain to have some inkling or indicator to what these children’s interest might be with regards to the sound and music industry and how we might be able to further nurture them in the future.

We just want to thank Maveriq Studio for this opportunity! :)

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