The girl (Melissa) who wrote my dream got her dream! (CAT, Sunway University)

11 July 2015

Alice's SPM results

Remember our girl who wrote 'my dream'? (12th Apr) Here she is along other scholars listening to a speech by Senior Executive Director, Dr Elizabeth at Sunway University.

Yes, she got her CAT scholarship!!

Dr Elizabeth was delivering an inspiring speech to motivate and help the scholars look toward making the most of their future and that it is all within their hands to make that happen.

It was good to also hear how the other scholars were sharing their difficult backgrounds and the sheer hard work and sacrifices they made. All these were done so that they could stand a chance of being a recipient of Jeffrey Cheah’s Foundation Scholarship. Now that they have received it, they were parting their experience and advice to the new scholars to give their best and appreciate this rare opportunity that many don’t get.

Our girl is now adjusting well and has made a few friends; we will continue to give our best to guide and walk her through until she finishes her ACCA!

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