Teeth and Eyes check-up!

04 September 2015

ST Tiew Dental Group staff , teaching the kids how to brush their teeth properly!

Remember how when we were in nursery school, our teacher would announce that there will be a “dentist” who would be coming to teach us how to brush our teeth? And that we must remember to bring our toothbrush and cup on that day? (Well for some, the dentist provided these). We would then sit by the “longkang” and the dentist would bring out a large sized jaw with a perfect set of teeth to demonstrate how we should brush our teeth.

ST Tiew Dental Group gave the same kind of demonstration to our kids at SHELTER 1. It is definitely the best time to get our kids to start learning how to brush their teeth properly. At their age it would avoid needless pain with gum issues in future due to poor dental care.

ST Tiew Dental Group staff performing an intraoral check-up for the girls

That was not all. ST Tiew Dental’s friend, Vista Eye Specialist decided to tag along to bring their equipment to give a free check for our children’s eyes. They diagnosed that a number of our children had issues with their vision and would probably require to wear glasses. We have since taken their advice and have taken action.

Vista Eye Specialist staff tagged along with ST Tiew Dental Group staff to offer their services to our children as well

The care that we provide for our children must not only cover the bare basics. It is a common perception of the general public that if there is anything more that is given to the children than food, shelter and education; The children are too richly blessed. That’s further than the truth. Treatment given by both ST Tiew Dental and Vista Eye Specialist are indeed expensive but it is still the kind of treatment that every child deserves to have. We at SHELTER truly believe in that and we will continue to give the best we can for our children.

We are grateful to both ST Tiew Dental and Vista Eye Specialist for blessing our children with their specialize services!

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