Taekwondo Kids

25 March 2014

It is often known that Martial Arts help an individual to develop self-discipline besides to protect one self. We believe in that as well and so our dear volunteer Caryn (who was previously featured in one of our newsletter), who is also a taekwondo black belt offered her help to the children. She brought in her other colleague who is an instructor, Andy, to facilitate the training.

The training then started at June 2014, one session at Friday for two hours, weekly. The Taekwondo School that Caryn and Andy belong to, Zest Martial Arts, sponsored all the trainings and the uniforms for the children.

Just recently 10 of them have gone through their first grading. Although two of them didn’t get through, the other 8 got their yellow tip grading as well as double grading to yellow belt.

We really want to personally thank Zest Martial Arts for not only their financial support but a committed act of service and time spent with our children!

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