Skor A programme to improve children's studies

14 February 2013

Just recently, Shelter with some financial support from donors, invested in a study programme that will hopefully help our children improve in their studies. This study programme is based on e-learning and we will be using the popular “Score A” online programme. Almost all of our children are already registered in this programme, except for a few who will be leaving us soon as they will be 18 years of age or they will be seeking employment or furthering their studies.

This ‘Score A’ programme covers all subjects and follows exactly the same Syllabus as that of the Government schools. They even provide and include the previous years’ examination papers and have a very simple and efficient way of keeping track of each child’s progress and mistakes. Shelter has ensured that the Staffs are adequately trained to use the programme so that they will be able to guide and monitor the children’s progress.

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