Siblings off to cook!

20 March 2012

Brother and Sister off to cook!

Just recently, 2 Children S* and M* from Shelter 2 and 3 started their studies in culinary arts. When Sunway group gave an offer to shelter to loan any children who wish to study culinary arts, S from Shelter 2 took the offer. For S, it is a new experience and an exciting one for her even though the group of students in her current batch maybe small. The facilities were newly bought and she’s also allowed to utilize the computer lab and library at Sunway campus! For most students who are underprivileged be it due to poverty or without scholarship, this is an impossible dream. We are still continuing to support S in her studies both through moral and financial support.

As for M her brother, he just started his studies at Cilantro Academy. M is now going through the trial classes and Cilantro Academy is recognized by C&G (City and Guilds). For M, this is also another dream come true. M has not been doing well in school and decided to drop out at the age of 16. Due to the limited teaching techniques at the government schools, M was another person who learnt better through hands instead of inculcation and reiteration. Thankfully, Cilantro’s syllabus consist mainly practical than to theory which caters to M’s method of learning. Shelter’s endeavor to bring the best out of our children will be able to continue as long as you fellow generous donors will continue to support us!

*Names are not actual representation of the children for identity protection purpose

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