Shaun - The top 10 Runner!

09 October 2017

Shaun* receiving the prize from the organizers on the podium

The Majlis Kebajikan dan Pembangunan Masyarakat Kebangsaan Malaysia (MAKPEM) organized a fun run along with some major sponsors for the public to participate in last August 5, 2017. The Selangor Council Social Welfare, who was involved in the said activity, gave us a call, telling us that they would like to sponsor anyone from our homes who would like to join this run.

To their joy, four of our Shelter 3 boys responded to go for it. One of our staff, John, despite his seniour age and with a health history, decided to help take this young boys there and to also participate in the run!

The aim was 5KM and being the typical competitive boys that they are, the boys ran their hearts out. They did not expect to win any placing in the competition and they just wanted to compete against each other and to set records for themselves. After all, they were competing with more than 300 people from all walks of life, from young to seasoned runners in the fun run.

When the announcement came, one of our boys, Shaun*, was called. Guess what? He won the 9th place! He was ecstatic! ALL of us were! He was smiling ear to ear when he walked up the podium to receive his certificate. While Sami is small in size in comparison to his peers, he showed that he was capable in a physical achievement against few hundred people. You can already imagine how he must have felt!

*Name has been changed

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