Our youth continuing their lives as Scholars and Interns

17 April 2015

As we enter the second quarter of 2015, there is much good news for us to all rejoice together. We are blessed to continually see our children enter into the next important phase of their lives.

Two of our girls have gotten their SPM results recently and we have made a number of preparations and arrangements to get them. We are really looking forward to see them being recipients of the scholarship to achieve their dreams and potentials. One of them decided to intern with Wedgewood Residences and has learned much about the Hospitality Industry while waiting for the replies from her application. Yet another youth has also been accepted to be an intern with Berjaya group to learn about the hospitality industry.

There are two other youths have started their studies as well.

One of them has already gotten her scholarship to start her Diploma in Nursing in April. Although it is stressful for her but she has expressed to us that she will give her all and ensures she graduates as she wishes specialize in being a paediatric nurse. The other youth has started her Diploma in Hospitality at TAR College in May.

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