Our little farmers at the Kebun

10 November 2013

Shelter 1 is starting a mini project with the children..a mini plantation at the back of the Home! This is a project to help our children to take up some form of responsibility as well as to learn patience and to acquire some knowledge about growing their own fruits and vegetables. (We will of course be leading and doing the work as the children will only be helping out)

We just got some people to work on fencing it up and hopefully this Home will enjoy it's yield pretty soon enough!

(Update – 23.1.2014) Our dear "kebun" (At the back of Shelter 1) manager, Mr Chin is overseeing the work as he help guides the children to grow their first crop

(Update 31.2.2014) Shelter 1's boys' firstfruits! (or vegetables) They were collecting the seeds from the long bean to plant more as Mr Chin is guides them. (Shelter 1's own backyard plantation) The boys were really happy with the activity as it was a new experience for them

(Update – 9.7.2014) : Cecilia (in red at the centre), our Hong Kong volunteer from AIESEC is teaching the children how to plant potatoes at the Kebun!

The Kebun is at the back of Shelter 1, come visit it if you do drop by there

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