Much more than a beautiful doll – Sarah

03 May 2017

Sarah's first doll, Belle from Beauty and the Beast!

Sarah* has been our beloved child when she first came to us when she was still little. She was awkward in her social etiquette, could only speak mandarin and often made weird sounds. Sarah has been severely neglected in terms of social interaction for many years and her best friend was the TV. From a psychological stand point of view, there are a number of concerns.

Her sense of empathy would be severely underdeveloped as most of that are stem from the attachment with her parents. Besides that, her limited vocabulary shows that there is hardly any interaction not only from her parents but with other people as well. That means it would be hard for her to express her feelings and thoughts effectively. Not only so, her intellectual development is also severely neglected as there is a lack of stimulation and engagement in active learning.

It was going to be a challenge to heal her soul of neglect and to build her up but we chose help her to the best of our abilities. The years of trying to come out of her shell were very difficult, both for the caregivers and the volunteers who tried to help her. However, as pointed out earlier, that was not just the only thing she was struggling with; in terms of her studies, she was really behind by years. We decided to spend some money by sending her to a home-school where special attention was given to her.

Today, she is able to communicate her thoughts and feelings in basic fluent English and has covered all other basic academic education to live better in life. However, one last step is required; she needs to still learn to make a living for herself. Sarah is now in her late teens and we need to start preparing her for the real world.

We noticed one thing about her that we can help to make that happen. Sarah is really passionate and has a talent for her artistic craft skills. She would often draw and cross-stitch (She does this really well). A wonderful person by the name of Angeline who teaches foam dolls came along and she has shared that this could be a skill that Sarah could use to make a decent income. A foam doll like this can easily fetch up between Rm 120 up to Rm 400 depending on how exquisite the doll is made.

This was her first session at Angelicioxs Studio, Sarah was taught to make Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Angeline even went the extra mile to personally fetch her from Shelter 2 and bought her lunch to just spend time with her (Thank you Angeline!). If Sarah were to make these dolls to sell, would you all support her?

*Name has been changed

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