Missing the volunteers from Switzerland

27 August 2015

AIESEC once again sent in some wonderful volunteers and this time, from Switzerland. Their names are Anna and Laura. They wrote in the email that that are interested to read to the kids but they ended up doing way much more than that.

In their 5 weeks with the kids, they were really committed to their volunteership. But much more than that, they really pour out their hearts in loving the kids. When they were asked to take turns in shifts to take care of the kids as they would need rest, they gently decline as they want to be with the kids in the together from morning until evening.

They would spend time reading to them (as they have written that they would), helped improve in their English and even spent time sharing about their Switzerland culture to them! They shared about the food they eat, the kind of place they live and the wonderful chocolates they have. As you can clearly see the photo above, they really know how to have plenty of fun time with the kids.

The kids in return really love them to bits!

When they finally have to go, the kids actually cried. That was the kind of impact the two dear volunteers left on them. Even though they left, they still wrote back to the kids.

In return, the kids also wrote back to them! Look at all the “I miss you” they’ve written on the letters!

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