Matilda, the Pastry Chef! (GRADUATED! - Adv Dip in Pastry & Bakery Arts, Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia)

19 December 2016

Matilda* standing proud next to her lecturer with her certificate

Matilda* has not only graduated with a diploma but an Advance diploma from Academy Of Pastry Arts Malaysia!!! Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia Chefs are so good that they even won second place in a global competition. So to us, Matilda making it through their course is really a big deal.

But that's not it. Matilda is the first person that the Academy has given a scholarship to. While it was not a full scholarship, it did however cover almost the whole course fees and we are very, very grateful to them. The principal particularly believed in Matilda's potential and that belief and investment really did pay off.

All it took was a caring individual, Doris (who is the home manager for Shelter 3) to just spend time with her to notice her exceptional talent and passion in craftwork. During the school holidays, Doris would often go over to Shelter 2, and teach the girls some craftwork. Matilda was one of the few who actually asked if she could do more than what Doris taught.

When asked what she was interested in, she shared that she wanted to learn pastry making. Doris started searching for possible institutes that might be interested to help Matilda and that are where she stumbled upon Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia. The principal was initially reluctant to take her in on a scholarship but Doris was persistent in asking for a chance for Matilda.

With a big heart and faith in Matilda, the principal gave her a chance to prove herself and the rest is now history.

*Name has been changed

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