Linda starts her internship with BERJAYA! (Intern at BERJAYA)

27 April 2014

Recently our Home manager, Jingle, accompanied one of our girls to her briefing for her Hospitality Internship with Berjaya.

Although this is just the beginning of her new chapter, it is once again our joy to see one of our children who has grown up with us to move on and embrace adulthood!

Linda* has been with us since she was a child along with her brother. We were particularly worried for her because we learnt that she is slower in learning basic arithmetic concepts compared to most average children. She also struggled a lot in improving her writing skills as well as she is very weak at grammar.

However we did not want to label her as hopeless child and we worked hard in bringing in different tuition teachers and even sending her to a school that caters to her different learning abilities. As we cheered her on, we want to share this wonderful news to all of our supporters that her journey to where she is today is not possible if we all did not put our efforts together.

Linda listening through the briefing along with the other interns

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