Linda continues her journey

17 July 2017

Linda walking into the UV centre for her next session of training

“I just found it extremely hard to understand why she cannot grasp the basic concept of counting coins. . .I gave her baby steps in counting them over and over but in the end, she seems to be totally clueless”. One of tuition teachers was sharing this as she recalled how she really struggled to teach Linda* when she was really young. It’s not like the other children her age was that anyhow much brighter than Linda was as they are all come with difficult backgrounds. However, Linda was exceptionally slow when it comes to learning.

We recognize that whilst she may be different in her learning rate, her potentials and worth as a person are not definitely determined by that. We went to search for a school that would go at her pace and to give the education she deserves. We usually send our kids and youth in the same school for more efficient logistics and planning but we know that won’t help Linda. The S.M.K Bandar Sunway played a huge role in helping her. They did not only help her with her studies, they even went the extra mile to plan alongside with us on sending her for vocational training.

We wrote about Linda very briefly some years back, when she was starting her training on housekeeping with BERJAYA Hotel. That was arranged by S.M.K Bandar Sunway and they also helped to send her to Sunway Hotel for training. These two trainings were two years in length. Today, Linda is a grown up youth who is about to leave us and to set out on her own. However we felt that she needs just a little more preparation before she steps outside into the real and to work with others. This is where United Voice came into the picture.

United Voice has a specific training to help youth like Linda to transit from school into the “real world”. From the practical and theoretical understanding of the work place, they will equip with the basic knowledge and soft skills to handle them. Two days of the week, she will be there to learn from them and this whole course will take 3 months to complete. In the other 3 weekdays, she will be helping us at the office as an “intern”. She has been really helpful thus far and we are also helping to train her on this transition period.

Wherever our youth capabilities may be at the point of which they are about to leave us, we seek to provide them the best opportunities we can offer!

*Name has been changed

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