Jumble sale, nice dresses and a time to learn! (Shelter 2)

29 November 2014

The girls at Shelter 2 were asking their Home manager, Jingle, if they could buy themselves some nice dresses as the year end was coming by. Normally, Jingle would just bring it up to the management and if the amount required for the dress is a reasonable amount, Jingle will just bring the girls out for shopping at mall or wherever they can find a good dress for a reasonable price.

However, this time around the management brought up an idea to take this opportunity to do something more than just the usual way of doing things. They wanted the girls to earn the money so that they can also learn a sense of owning things with their own money.

The girls agreed and the preparation started. The poster above was done by one of the girls with the help of the staff. They started planning on what items and food they want to sell, how they want to get the equipment and ingredients to make them, where and how should the booth be placed and who is in charge of which booths etc etc.

Volunteers also came along to help out with the event. They helped with the booths and even trying to draw in outsiders to come in to have a look!

After all the hard work with much sweat and many hours put into it, they finally got the money that they need to get themselves their nice dresses. They even wore them to perform during the Christmas dinner this year, have a look at their wonderful dress!

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