Imagination coming to “Life”

04 July 2016

Have you seen that amazing technology in Aquaria KLCC where the drawings you make would come to “life” on a projected screen? Some of our kids got the chance to see that when some kind donors took them there. However, not all our kids got the chance to see that “magic” (we have had a new intake of children since then). Guess what? Crave Asia brought this amazing technology into our very own Home!

Our kids excitedly starting on their "little" projects!

Their staff came with prepared outline drawings of sea creatures. There were sea turtles, sea horses and a variety of fishes to pick from. They all sat down at the dining table, working on their piece of craft quietly. Even though they were quiet, we all could sense their enthusiasm as they work on their art! They would browse through the colour pencils, filling in the slots carefully with myriad of colours along with beautiful patterns. As the first one finishes, they were excited to see the first piece come to “life”.

The "fish" is about to come to "life"!

They watched the staff from Crave Asia place the art piece on to the projector, work out some settings on the laptop and the “magic” happened. The sea creatures came alive in 3D form, swimming around in the sea! The kids who have not seen this before were so amazed as they were seen giggling, pointing and talking about how it swam around in the water gracefully. Soon each of them took turns to see their creature come to “life”. Those who had finished earlier quickly went on to take a different sea creature to work on just to see another creation come to life.

We are really thankful to the amazing people from Crave Asia who went the extra mile to provide such an unforgettable experience for our kids. It is these kind of activities which are out of the norm that really stir the imagination and also expose our kids to know that the world is still full of wonderful experiences to offer them despite of their past.

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