Hotel Training Exposure for SHELTER teens

23 November 2009

A group of teenagers from SHELTER had the opportunity to undergo some basic hotel training for approximately three months, courtesy of the Holiday Inn Glenmarie, Hotel in Shah Alam. The young people were exposed to pastry, training, food & beverage and other areas. Here, briefly some of them share their experience.

Kal* (Pastry)
I am fortunate to have been given this great opportunity to learn about pastry. I have learnt many things through this course and now I know how to bake cakes. I felt excited when I initially entered the hotel & college because this was my first experience. I really appreciate the opportunity given.

Reg* (Pastry)
I am very happy to attend this course and I have learnt so many things about pastry. I also feel very happy, blessed and excited because now I can bake cakes, muffins & cupcakes by myself. I really love this hotel training.

Flor* (Pastry)
I feel very happy and excited and hope to attend this course again. Now that I know better about pastry, it is really fun and I really enjoyed myself. I appreciate the Chef and staff there because they are so loving, caring & helpful.

Sal* (Fruit Vegetable & Styrofoam carving)
Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity. Through this training, I have learnt so many things from the chef. All the chefs are so talented and skillful. Now I can carve different types of fruits and vegetables and I am more creative and feel so happy about it.

Sara* (Food & Beverage)
I feel very privileged to learn about Food & Beverage – it includes table manners, grooming, setting-up of tables * communicating with people. I feel very lucky to have had this chance to experience it. I just want to say that I appreciate it a lot and thank you very much. I hope I can learn more in future.

Prab* (Food & Beverage)
I am so excited to learn something new. It is very interesting and different. I hope it will help in the future. I really appreciate this training.

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