George's Graduation (GRADUATED! Cert in IT, Hartford College)

18 February 2013

Recently, George graduated from Hartford. Hartford is an academic institution that provides education on IT skills at various levels. In one of their initiatives, they have agreed to support immigrants in helping them obtain basic IT skills or even higher education on a person to person basis .

George received certificates on completion in the following subjects, Advance Blogging with Wordpress, HTML programming, Basic Blogging with Blogspot, Adobe Illustrator CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Basic IT skills. He has spent many months learning, practising and is really interested to learn. But it wasn’t always this way.

This is George’s story. George is a Sri Lankan who came to Malaysia just a few years back. His parents died back in his country and ever since then, life has never been the same for him. When he came into our Home, he could hardly utter a single English word. We have a wonderful volunteer who is very dedicated and she was willing to help him. Her name is Ms Woodhull. She taught him English and Math weekly. Now he can speak fairly good English and it’s also due to our culture that we encourage English to be spoken in the Homes.

But even during this time, George wasn’t really motivated to learn or to do anything productive. He doesn’t have any major attitude problem and is often cooperative. But we didn’t want him to be just a mediocre person without any direction in life. It was initially difficult for us to find out what he would be interested to learn but we took our time and slowly discovered it. He had worked in a bakery shop before with another of our boys but that didn’t last too long. He then shared that he is interested in computers. So we arranged to bring in some unwanted CPUs for him to tinker around with.

We even printed out some free education syllabus from the internet regarding computers for him to learn. He expressed a keen interest eventhough he was struggling to understand the technical and theoretical part of syllabus, but it was the attitude that got us to seriously consider sending him to an academic institution on IT.

When George started studying at Hartford, he would attend all the classes. When we asked him to explain his subjects, he could do so and showed enthusiasm in learning it. George was pretty much independent and never really asked help in his studies. To us, seeing that passion and the sense of direction in his life was a huge joy. We understand that it has always been a parents’ worry if their child will ever find a stable career as their child reaches adulthood. We share that same concern too.

Today, George and his older brother have both went back to Sri Lanka and have established themselves there. George as expected, took up a job that is related to IT and we are extremely happy for him. In fact, one of our staff and her husband went there to visit both of them and they welcomed them both with arms wide open!

*Not his actual name

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