Feng Mian, The Head Prefect!

29 June 2018

Feng Mian at her table at Shelter 2, showing the peace sign!

Not too long ago, Feng Mian* came back to Shelter 2 with a very delightful surprise, she was elected as the Head Prefect for her school!!!

She is to head over 20 prefects under her leadership both for the secondary and primary level and she knows that it is no small responsibility. To think that she is able to exhibit such interpersonal skill and confidence for her to be voted by the prefects to be Head Prefect - it's just simply amazing!

Feng Mian recounted that there was once, she had to handle a tough case where a boy was being very rough and unruly. He doesn't like to obey to instructions and would not listen to anyone. But Feng Mian tried with her approach and she managed to earn his respect enough for him to comply with procedures and rules, way to go Feng Mian!

Now as Head Prefect, she has to learn how to take care of the younger prefects and to guide them in their attitude and studies.

Guess what? One of the younger prefects who is under probation is Tulip* who is also our girl in Shelter 2! Feng Mian was asked by the teacher to assist her, not only in her prefect duties but also in her studies and attitude. Tulip is a few years younger to Feng Mian and it is actually good to see how Feng Mian will not only be an “older” sister to her in the home but also in the school.

She would definitely have challenges juggling with her duties and her studies but as usual, we’ll be journeying alongside her. Feng Mian, we're very proud of you. :)

*Name has been changed to protect her identity.
**We did not put a photo of her in her prefect uniform because it would be very distinctive even if we censor her school badge, this is again for the protection of her identity

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