Dr Suresh and his big heart for the kids

02 January 2016

In the last volume of vol 4, 2015, we shared that there was a free check-up given by ST Tiew Dental Group. This time around, the blessings have gotten bigger!

Dr Suresh engaging with our children

Dr Suresh who practices in the Pristine Dental Care wanted to extend his services to underprivileged children. While surfing the Internet, he found out about us and realized how close our SHELTER 1 is to his Gasing branch. After a meet up with our Seniour Manager, Dr Suresh decided that he will provide long term dental services to our children.

His decision really took us by surprise. Pristine Dental Care is operated by highly equipped staff, they possesses world class equipment and usually such prestigous businesses will only offer a one-time service to our kids. However, Dr Suresh not only has a big heart but a very appropriate vision for our kids. He believes that preventive work is far more important than restorative work. Hence with that in mind, he assured us that he will see through all of our kids’ dental needs until they are adults.

Dr Suresh in action and he had all our kids wear some fun glasses to keep them in the "fun mood"

He treats our kids like real patients with each of them having their own card. We want to share this great news to you, our supporters, so that you know the kind of services and treatment the children are receiving as you support their stay in our Homes. We want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Dr Suresh and Pristine Dental Care for their invaluable service to our children.

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