Children improving in their English!

07 May 2014

The progress of our children, in every area of their lives, is the first and most important priority of our work. Here is some interesting news that we would like to share with regards to two of our children from our Home 1 in Petaling Jaya.

Albert*, one of our boys at Shelter 1, recently had a very pleasant surprise from his teacher when it was announced during the school assembly, that he came out first for the English quiz for Year 6 students. His teacher did not tell him beforehand because she wanted Albert to receive the news with great joy!

When Albert first joined Shelter two years ago, like most of our children; he was poor in English! We are very glad to share this joy with him, which all at Shelter have played a part in contributing to Albert’s life. Today he is able to realize his potentials that would have been latent in him without help - in just two years after coming in to Shelter!

In a Synopsis English Writing competition in her school, Sandra*, another girl from our Home, came out third! All the students could choose to either compete individually or in a group, but Sandra chose to do it by herself! And because of all the hard work that she had put in over the months, Sandra received a 3rd Prize Award for her achievement. This indeed is not only a great motivation to us but also to the rest of the children in Shelter!

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