Cassandra onto her Degree! (Media, IACT)

08 August 2016

Cassandra*, the girl we wrote about from Vol 4, 2014 (yes it’s almost two years ago) has just recently finished her diploma in Mass Communication at First City University College (Previously known as KBU). She was struggling to keep her CGPA in good standards at the middle of course but at the end, she got herself in the dean's list and being the top few in class! (CGPA of 3.36).

Cassandra's hard work paid off!

Today, she is almost fully independent; she has gotten her car license while studying, grabbed as many part time working opportunities and never limits herself in learning. Even after only about a year in her diploma studies, she has been expressing to the SHELTER staff who is overseeing her progress that she would want to finish her studies to a degree level. A huge thanks to IACT college, her dream will now come true. Our Executive Director approached their boss and they were quick to respond. They have offered Cassandra a scholarship!

Cassandra looks onto the next step for her future as the University counsellor explains the course to her

Even though it is not a 100% scholarship, we are truly thankful to them. Cassandra will start her studies in September for BA (Hons) Media, Culture and Communication. However, because it is only a partial scholarship, we need help with sponsorship of the remaining fees (Affiliation fees of RM19500 to University of Sunderland) , allowance and rental support. If you are interested to be that key individual in empowering Cassandra’s life, please do not hesitate to contact us at 03-79550663.

Affiliation fees that we need to cover for Cassandra

If you are more than glad to support Cassandra, you may look into different donation options over here and you may earmark the donation as "IACT". If you are interested to a be a sponsor for her allowance and accommodation costs, please contact us and we will let you know how much you can help us with.

UPDATE : All her needs for allowance and affiliation fees are taken care off by a few very kind generous donors. We want to thank everyone who has helped pass the word around and of course, these few individuals who are making a huge impact in Cassandra's life!

*This is not her actual name

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