Cassandra (Dip in Mass Comm, KBU) and Mark (Dip in Culinary Arts, Flamingo) Life after Shelter

17 November 2014

SHELTER has assigned a staff to oversee, visit, guide and aid children who has left SHELTER after their SPM. These are some updates we would like to share!

SHELTER is currently supporting two youth who are now currently studying in two different colleges. Mark* left SHELTER at 2013 and has started his studies with Diploma in Culinary Arts at Flamingo College. Although he has enrolled in the college under a PTPTN loan, SHELTER has been supporting him financially for his monthly expenses as well as guiding him on whatever needs he has throughout the past one year. Even though Mark struggles with certain subjects, particularly the business subjects, he has excelled on his cuisine subjects and was even praised by his chefs for it.

Mark should complete his studies by the end of 2015; he wishes to work at Hyatt Hotel upon his completion of studies.

Mark’s practice on carving which was taught by one of the lecturer at the university

Mark cooked a dish of Malaysian cuisine in one of his classes

Mark is on the right with his classmate at the kitchen area at University

Cassandra* on the other hand is now under a full scholarship with KBU and Elena Cooke in sponsoring her tuition fees as well as her expenses! She is studying Diploma in Mass communication at KBU and is now in her first semester. Despite receiving much financial support from these two organizations, SHELTER is still concern with her growth as an individual at college. She was told by her lecturer recently that her command of English is still lacking at University level and we have given aid for her to enroll into CEFL (Cambridge English for Life) to further improve her English. Recently we have requested for scholarship for her and CEFL has generously given a full scholarship for Cassandra as well! Cassandra should complete her studies by late 2016.

CEFL’s kind sponsorship to Cassandra

*Names are aliases for our children to protect their identity

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